Ready to say bye-bye-bra?


Welcome to my Bye-Bye Bra party! My name is Chantel Bernal and I couldn't keep this wardrobe secret to myself. My friend Jackie started sharing these unbelievable shapewear cami's that I've never seen before. They actually slim your tummy and lift the ladies and are super comfortable.  

Check out some of the before and after pics below.

For me, I've been wearing the same bra from 40 lbs ago (still trying to lose that baby weight) but after three c-sections, it has proven to be a difficult task. So when I saw these camis that could miraculously make it look like I had an instant tummy tuck and boob job, I was in love.

I knew instantly that this is a fashion must have for each and every woman!

You're invited to my virtual party

I think every woman on the planet that wants to trim the tummy and lift the ladies should know about this amazing cami so I decided to support my friend Jackie's small business and host a virtual trunk show in my Facebook private group.

UPDATE! My virtual party was such a huge success, I decided to become a BOOB Whisperer! 

Now you can join my personal VIP style lounge --- where the party is currently in progress 24/7!


Ready For Your Fitting?

Once you think you’re ready for a virtual fitting; all you need to do is complete my questionnaire. This is VERY important as I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Your answers will help me make style & size suggestions for your body type. Keeping in mind that this is not an exact science. Each women has different curves; and you may need to make adjustments. My first cami was a perfect fit! 


Would You Like To Win A Free Cami?

For the month of December there are TWO ways you can have a chance to win a FREE cami. 

Click the below links to learn about each offer.

  1. Attend The Free Cami Call
  2. Host A Virtual Party